about the artist

about the artist

I'm Lucille Groleau (she/they), I'm a 25 year old artist and queer trans woman, based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

I've been drawing my whole life, art is the one thing I remember always doing, it's what I gravitated to early on and I kept doing without thinking much of it. I've taken art specific classes at my middle school and high school, with a semester of basic drawing class at community college. I've since continued to learn about and make art through my own means and resources.

I started posting my art to social media in 2019. Right now I make art because it makes me feel at peace, it keeps me going when there may be no other reasons.

I'd describe my style as "feminist existentialism". I like to portray ideas that relate to that, such as societal constructs, the absurdity of life, the pain of being stuck in a corporeal form, and copping with the idea of death.

I'm inspired by women and strength, grace, and beauty they exude. I'm constantly inspired by crows, I've never been so enamored by a presence such as theirs. I'm inspired by how it feels to have someone show you they love you.

I see myself still painting for the remainder of my life, or at the very least still expressing myself artistically. I hope to keep exploring creatively and deepening my relationship with my creative process.

I am the one and only person behind the entire production of this website. I fulfill all orders by hand, by myself, from my own home. Every purchase supports me directly in fulfilling my dreams to create art for the remainder of my life and means the entire world to me.

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